Why is Xero joining this programme?

At Xero we have an unwavering focus on diversity and inclusion as we know it’s good for our people and it’s good for business. It aligns with our values and ensures all of our people can bring their whole selves to work. It also helps us deliver our purpose ‘to have a positive impact on the world by growing small business’. We know we have a diverse customer base so our people internally need to reflect this so they can build products that speak directly to them.

Whilst we understand that diversity is a broad concept we have a particular focus on gender diversity. Given women hold less than 25% of tech jobs it’s a priority for us to attract more women to Xero and even more importantly build an inclusive environment where they can thrive and grow their careers.

As the Return to IT programme highlights, there can be some major barriers for women returning to work in the tech sector after a career break due to children, family or other reason. This pilot will help put the spotlight on some of these barriers and how Xero can address and overcome them.

What is Xero looking for in returning women?

What we look for in women returning to Xero is what we look for in all of our people. Whilst smarts and experience is important we believe that attitude is everything.

First and foremost we look for people whose attitude and behaviour reflects our values. It’s important we have people that are customer focused, think outside the square, super keen to learn, and take pride and ownership of their work. We want a good mix of people from different backgrounds, capabilities, and perspectives as we believe the best teams are diverse teams. We also try to explore beyond people’s work experience as we believe that ‘life experience’ can tell you a lot about a person. It may be they have had valuable experience working outside of the business world that they could bring to the role, or have they may have owned or worked in a small business.

What non-technical skills does Xero value in returning women?

Non-technical skills are crucial in an environment like ours. As well as the one’s already outlined above, we need people that are passionate about the tech sector, have an agile and positive mindset, are team players, and want to work for a values and purpose driven organisation.

What technical skills are Xero looking for?

We look for a broad range of technical skills, including ReactJS, ES6, .NET Core and AWS Lambda, Test Automation, Android, IOS and SDK. Python and data science along with agile experience and mindset. Whilst these are our core technologies - we are always looking for people that are eager to learn and can bring something new to Xero.

What is the work culture or work environment at Xero like?

We know our people are the beating heart of our business so we try to create a positive environment where they can do the best work of their lives and support small businesses around the world.

Our values are the core of our culture. They shape everything we do and best highlight what makes our culture and environment uniquely special:

  • Beautiful - Engaging, delighting and inspiring each other is how we do our best every day.
  • Ownership - Own it, drive it, and nail it! We do what we say we’ll do. Human - Celebrating individuality, different perspectives and creating a space to belong is important to us.
  • Challenge - It’s about dreaming big and changing the game. We ask why, discover and innovate.
  • Champion - We lead the way, aim high and create opportunities for ourselves and the team.

Will Xero be offering flexible work schedules?

We already do! At Xero we have people from all walks of life, with different responsibilities and priorities outside of work, and we want them to be able to juggle these whilst working hard to change the game for small business. So it’s not just a nice-to-have but something we believe is good for our people and for our business.

As a global technology company we help small businesses run their business from anywhere and anytime so it make sense to give our staff the tools to work from in the same way. This flexibility includes allowing our people to work part-time, work from home, adjusted or flexible start and finish times, job sharing and more.

What kind of training and development opportunities will Xero be able to provide returning women?

We run a number of training and development opportunities at Xero including our ‘Managing at Xero’ program. All our employees have personal development plans so if there’s some technical training that is required to bring your skills up to speed, we are happy to consider how we can support this. We don’t run anything specific for returning women, however, we facilitate informal mentoring and support any additional training and development that they may need as they make this transition back into the workforce.

What makes Xero unique?

We’re a rapidly growing global company with endless opportunities for our people to do the best work of their lives and help small businesses thrive. There’s so many things our people love about working at Xero. Based in some of the world’s best cities, we have great office spaces, awesome benefits, and endless opportunities for people to grow their career. It’s also the energy and passion of our people that makes Xero a very special place. All of our Xeros across the globe do beautiful work and share one common purpose to have a positive impact on the world by growing small business.