What is the recruitment process for Return to IT?

The Application process for Return to IT is simple. Read the information on each partner organisation’s page. See the roles that are on offer and that interest you. Consider applying for a role even if you think you do not have all the necessary experience, skills or technical abilities. Our partner organisations are open to considering all Return to IT applicants! Once you have decided which organisation(s) you wish to apply for:

1. Apply

  • Apply with a partner organisation that you would like to be a part of. You may apply with more than one organisation, but you will have to make a separate application for each organisation on their respective pages.
  • The Return to IT team will initially process all applications and will be in touch with you as a first step.

2. Interview

  • Should you be shortlisted for a role you have applied for, a member of the partner organisation’s recruitment/HR team will be in touch to arrange an interview.
  • If your application is not successful, you should check back on the website for other roles that may be advertised on Return to IT.


What will I be doing in Return to IT?

With Return to IT, there will be a range of roles available within the digital technology sector. These will typically range from highly technical to less technical roles (you will be able to have a look at each organisation’s bio to see the roles that are being offered and their descriptions).

Some partner organisations are interested in your feedback about what type of roles you are interested in. With these organisations, apply by registering your interest and you could be matched with a great opportunity.


Is Return to IT right for me?

If you live in the Wellington Region, have previously worked in the digital technology sector, have taken a continuous career break for 2-5 years and you are now looking to return to work in the sector, then Return to IT is right for you!

While Return to IT is targeted at women who previously worked in the technology sector before taking a career break, we want to encourage all women to apply if you think you have other transferable experiences and qualities that you can offer.

We want to emphasise that you do not have to tick all the requirements of a role to be considered. Our partner organisations are open to considering all Return to IT applicants.


Where are the opportunities based?

Return to IT is currently only offering roles in the Wellington Region.


When do applications close?

Opportunities will be advertised on an ‘as available’ basis, and typically will not have a set application close date. Roles will be removed from the site once the right candidate has been found.

If you do not see a role that fits your experience or interest just yet, we encourage you to submit your registration of interest on either a partner organisation’s page, or on the Contact Us page and we will contact you once we have a role that fits your background or interests.


What is my information being used for?

The information that you supply in the application forms is made available to only the hiring teams of each partner organisation to which you apply. This information is used in order to make hiring decisions for the roles advertised with each partner organisation.

For more information, we highly encourage you to read the full Terms & Privacy Policy at the Terms & Privacy Policy section.


Can I work for multiple organisations?

No – but you are welcome to submit an application to work for multiple organisations! However, should you be successful for multiple applications, you will only be placed into one of the organisations that you are successful for.


Will there be flexible work arrangements?

Return to IT and our partner organisations are supportive of flexible working arrangements and allowing you to achieve work-life balance. Flexible working arrangements will be implemented to a reasonable extent where possible, however, this may depend on the nature of the role.


Will I receive a salary/be paid when I am employed?

Yes, of course! There are no "unpaid internships" or anything of that sort with Return to IT. If you are successful, you will be employed by one of our partner organisation and be paid as an employee of that organisation.


Are there application fees?

No, absolutely not! This is a completely free programme for applicants.


Are there any other requirements for women involved in the pilot?

We would love your feedback about the pilot. There may be a follow-up interview from a programme evaluator to ask questions about the pilot and your experience. Your feedback will enable us to improve on the pilot and create a greater experience for other women who might want to be involved in the pilot.