What is Return to IT?

Return to IT has been initiated to assist New Zealand women who have taken a career break – whether it be for children, family, or any other reason – to return to work in the digital technology workforce. Whether you are looking to return to similar work you were doing before taking a career break or have other transferable skills and experience, we want more women to be a part of New Zealand’s digital future.

For this initial pilot nine partners – Assurity, ANZ, BNZ, Cigna, Intergen, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Transpower, Westpac and Xero – will be looking to employ women to work in a variety of available technology or technology-related roles within each organisation.


Why Return to IT?

Why resume your career in the digital technology workforce through Return to IT? Good question.

Return to IT has been designed with your interests and needs at its core. We understand the challenge of trying to re-enter the workforce after a career break, especially in the digital technology sector where skills and trends evolve quickly. More importantly, we recognise and value your life experience and the knowledge and skills you have gained in your career. We are keen to help you build on your current expertise and invest in your further growth. Return to IT will provide you with a supportive, collaborative, and inclusive environment to help you achieve your goals and potential.

Our partner organisations are offering (or, will have) very supportive flexible work schedules. This means being flexible around when, where, and how you work to best meet your individual needs in your personal life, while still accomplishing your goals within the organisation.

You may have the opportunity to for training to upskill or become familiar with current industry standards, receive coaching and attend workshops to help you ease into the workplace environment. Finally, you will have the opportunity to work on projects that have real business impact with some of New Zealand’s leading companies.


What will I be doing in Return to IT?

With Return to IT, there is a range of roles within the digital technology sector available from each of the partner organisations. Where an organisation is not showing specific roles, still lodge your CV, because they will have roles coming available in response to the applicants they receive. These range from highly technical to less technical roles (you will be able to have a look at each organisation’s bio to see the roles that are being offered and their descriptions).

If you are offered a role through the pilot you can think of yourself as a regular employee of that employing organisation, be integrated into its culture and be a member of one of its teams.

You will have the opportunity to work on projects that match your years of experience. We believe that even with a career break your skills and expertise will still be relevant to the projects you work on. And with the added benefit of training and mentorship, we think you will be up to speed in no time.


Who is Return to IT available for?

Return to IT is currently only available to women residing and looking for work in the Wellington Region.